Tree Removal Brisbane Southside

When it comes to tree removal and tree lopping Brisbane Southside, safety needs to come first. Calling in a professional team is the best idea, so you don’t have to take risks with your property or your safety. RJ and K Tree Lopping Brisbane southside Services provide a full range of tree services so we can get the job done professionally and safely. For tree lopping Brisbane Southside, you need a team of qualified workers with years of experience in the Southside Brisbane tree removal industry – that’s where we can help.

RJ and K Tree Lopping Brisbane southside Services have more than 25 years’ experience and we have a reputation for quality Southside Brisbane tree removal work. We provide tree lopping Brisbane southside services for a range of Government departments and have a strong focus on customer service. We take safety seriously, so all our staff are fully trained and qualified and we have $10 million public liability insurance. Our business is family-owned and operated and we guarantee our work will be done properly.

At RJ and K Tree Lopping Brisbane southside, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail. We always leave a site clean and safe and keep our rates as affordable as possible. We have the right equipment to do the job safely and keep your house and external structures protected while we work. Our services include tree and stump removal, lopping, trimming and pruning. We can also provide assistance with storm damage clean ups, block clearing, fire breaks, plant and tree care advice, firewood supply and basic yard maintenance.

Tree lopping is a necessary part of yard maintenance, but if your trees are too big for you to handle, our tree lopping Brisbane southside team can be of service. Whether your trees need a good haircut or need to be lopped to improve their health, RJ and K Tree Lopping can sort them out. Tree lopping can encourage new growth by removing deadwood. This will temporarily reduce the height of your tree, but will result in a thriving, healthy specimen. If you have a large tree that needs attention, our team have the equipment to get the job done safely.

Tree removal on Brisbane southside is a speciality area for RJ and K Tree Lopping Brisbane southside Services. Completely removing a tree can be a dangerous job, so leave it to the professionals. Our tree lopping Brisbane southside team have the skills and experience to remove both large and small trees and we clear the area afterwards so your place will be left tidy and safe. Whether you have a tree in an inconvenient location or one that is stopping you from enjoying your backyard, give us a call for all tree removal Brisbane Southside services.

If you’ve removed a tree from your yard but are left with the stump, you’ll know how stubborn they can be! Getting rid of a tree stump is a frustrating job, so let us do the hard work for you. RJ and K Tree Lopping Brisbane southside Services can remove stumps from your yard quickly and safely. We can also repair the affected area by filling in the hole, leaving your yard looking presentable again.

Tree planting

If you’re having a tree removed, but want to replace it with another specimen, we can help with that too. Our experienced team can give you advice on which tree would work well in your garden and organise the tree planting. If you’re looking for a low maintenance, hardy and attractive tree for your yard, our team can suggest one that will thrive in the desired position.

RJ and K Tree Lopping Brisbane southside Services offer obligation-free quotes, so call our team today. We’re ready to discuss your tree concerns and provide expert advice. We know our Southside Brisbane tree removal team will provide a professional result you’ll be happy with.

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